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How We Work

Our Process

Any project’s progress depends on the process used to carry it out. Consistent results, quality, and corporate expansion follow a consistent process. Despite the fact that each project we work on has a distinct consequence, we stick to the same procedure to guarantee the best outcomes.

1. Discovery

Tell Us Your Problems

In order to give you with the finest solution, we must first listen to you and learn enough about your company. We'll make inquiries and jot down notes. Our mission is to suggest the best course of action for your website or marketing because your company is unique. In order to better serve your needs and support the expansion of your business, we will create a work scope and a strategy just for you.

2. Onboarding

Get to Know Your Team at Pixify Coder

Our complete staff will support your project when you collaborate with Pixify Coder. A kick-off meeting is the first step, and it can take place in person or electronically through Zoom. Our staff will gain more knowledge about your company and your clients during this encounter. We will discuss your preferred brands and designs. We will have a plan in place for content, design, development, maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization before the end of the meeting.

3. Design & Development

Your Project Brought to Life

Once your content or scope is prepared, your project will go on to the design phase, where your new website's overall "look" will be produced. The features and functionality of your website will then be prepared by our developers. This improves the user experience for visitors to your website and helps your SEO (and visibility). We specialise in development, therefore we can make anything you may imagine.

4. Client Demo

Regular Feedbacks

At regular intervals we will be giving you a demo of the work done so that we are always alert as to whether we are on track with the expected requirements of the project and the client. We believe in transparency so we try to be available for our clients whenever they want to know the progress of their project on which we have been working on.

5. Launch

Go-Live & Project Wrap

The most thrilling portion is here! Your brand-new website is prepared for public display. We bring the product live for you after performing UAT (User Acceptance Testing), and we also give you instruction on how to utilise the software. The item is then delivered to you. When the product is finished, we offer you a final end-to-end demonstration, and if you are satisfied, we give you the product.

6. Support & Maintenance

We Are Here to Help!

Although your new website is already operational, your company is always evolving. Growth is what leads to the best changes. At your request, our staff is waiting to make modifications. Website hosting packages from Iceberg include monthly upkeep and development time. Updates, maintenance, and training will be handled by our devoted support staff in conjunction with you. After the launch of their websites, many of our clients continue to work with our marketing team for further SEO and advertising.

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